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Once upon a time I was falling in love
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Total eclipse of the heart

— Spring 2000 & 2001

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Choir Seniors 2005

Congratulations to the Merrillville High School Choirs Class of 2005! As the year draws to a close, we are honoring our seniors here by displaying their bios and senior pictures online. Be sure to see our Spring Concert... Top 40 (May 19th at 7:30 PM) to catch these talented students in their last performance with the MHS Choirs!

Nolan Buck was born in Hudson, Wisconsin in 1986. He weighed 9 pounds six ounces. He can only imagine that being delivered was not the most enjoyable experience. From his big beginnings, Nolan has gone on to do big things. He has made his parents, Tom and Eva Mihail, very proud. He has had great success in music as well as in theatre and will be attending Indiana State University in the fall. Nolan has been in Choralteens for four years and has had many memorable experiences. His fondest memory from choir was getting to work with A.J. Davis in Ragtime. It not only forged a friendship, but sparked a love of music that he will carry with him when he graduates in the spring and throughout the years. He would like to wish all of the choir members, senior or otherwise, the best of luck in their future and thank them for four wonderful years in the Merrillville choral program.Nolan Buck

Heather Cooper is the proud daughter of Dave and Dawn Pullen. Heather has been in choir for three years. She has been in one year of Velveteens and two years of Choralteens. She will be attending Indiana University - Northwest, majoring in secondary music education. One of her favorite memories is Ragtime.

Melissa Corman has enjoyed four years in the MHS choir department. She has also participated in the choir program at Pierce Middle School for three years. She has learned many musical selections and has enjoyed singing them. She hopes to be able to come back and watch as the choir grows in talent through the years. Melissa wishes to continue singing; a song will always be in her heart! Melissa plans to attend Purdue University - Calumet to pursue a career in Nursing.Melissa Corman

Jens DouglasAfter moving to Merrillville from Thornwood High School, Jens Douglas spent the best part of his sophomore year in Concert Choir, followed by junior and senior year in Vocalteens. He has participated in adult choirs for the last seven years and in youth choirs for the past 14, as well as numerous ensembles and two youth bands. He is now in the Matthew Douglas Band along with his father, Matthew, mother, Jill, and, on occasion, bothers Caleb, Taylor, and Parker. Although he is not sure of where he wishes to be this fall, he plans to pursue a music degree while remaining active in his father's recent church, Plant Freedom. This summer, he will be a camp counselor at Cedar Lake Bible Camp.

Jenni Festa, the daughter of Dave and Lori Festa, is excited to graduate. Jenni plans to attend Bethel College with a major in church music or music performance. She is blessed and grateful to have been in choir for all four years. Jenni wishes to thank Mr. Emig for putting up with her through the good, the bad, and her talking. Jenni's fondest choir memory is on the Chi-town choir trip stealing door hanger and taking pictures of the bellhop. She wishes to thank everyone in choir for the memories. Thanks for being her dysfunctional family and she wishes everyone good luck in the future.Jenni Festa

Felice GravesFelice Graves was born to the William and Irma Graves. She enjoys singing, dancing, and acting. She'd like to leave with those who went to Branson all the wonderful memories that were made there. After she finishes school at Merrillville, she will attending Arizona State University. She plans to get her masters in psychology and minor in political science. Felice has enjoyed her years at Merrillville and wishes the best of luck to all those who aren't done yet. She also would like to thank Mr. Emig and Mrs. Reinhart for their hard work in the choral program and their love for me and all the students. "Thank you!"

Jacqueline Hartford was born July 2, 1986 to Steve and Caroline Hartford. She received her education at Trinity Lutheran School, John Wood Elementary, Pierce, and MHS. She has been in choir all four years of high school. She is very excited to graduate and plans to study pharmacy at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Her favorite choir memories include Mr. Emig's life lessons and being an obvious tourist in NYC. She wants to thank her friends, family, and everyone she loves for making her high school career great and memorable.Jacqueline Hartford

Tiffany Alyce JonesTiffany Alyce Jones is the daughter of Ron and Bernice Bolden. (Born June 8, 1987) Tiffany is very shy and quiet, but when it comes to music, it brightens her day and she gets more involved. She loves to sing and dance and enjoys participating with the praise dancers at church and singing with the choir at school. Tiffany has been in choir for four years, spending one year each in Varsity Choir, Concert Choir, Velveteens, and Choralteens. Tiffany has also performed in many plays, portraying three parts in her most recent one, Seussical the Musical. After high school, Tiffany plans to work for a semester and begin attending college in the spring.

Kyle Loudermilk, born August 28th, 1986, is the son of Robert and Kelly Loudermilk. He began participating in choir his 8th grade year, portraying Albert in Bye Bye Birdie. His freshman year, he was in Concert Choir, moving up to Choralteens sophomore year, and finally to Vocalteens his junior year. Not only has Kyle participated in choir but also basketball, football, baseball, PNN, drama, and National Honors Society. After high school, Kyle is planning on attending the University of Indianapolis to earn a degree in secondary education of mathematics.Kyle Loudermilk

Ineke McMillanIneke McMillan is the proud daughter of Michael and Georgia McMillan. She has been in choir since elementary, but in her high school years she's been in Varsity Choir, Velveteens, and Choralteens. Ineke has also participated in school plays like Pirates of Penzance and Ragtime. She is also a part of her church choir at True Light Fellowship. Ineke enjoyed just being a part of the huge choir family that she's grow to love so much. She will be attending Purdue University - Calumet this fall majoring in Business Entrepreneurship, and she wishes the choir the best in everything they do.

Nicole Olivares, daughter of Kim and Cutberto Olivares, has been in choir for six years. She has also participated in drama club for two years. Nicole was part of the MHS swim team for four years, in which she was captain her senior year. Nicole will be attending Indiana University of Bloomington, where she will be majoring in the field of computer programming. Nicole would like to thank all her friends and family for always being there and supporting her.

Joe PurevichJoe Purevich has been in choir all his life but in high school was in Concert Choir for three years and Choralteens one year. He plans to attend Purdue University - Calumet to study meteorology. He would like to dedicate this concert to his family, which he would like to thank for their support. He would like to wish the seniors success in the near future and to tell them to keep pursuing their dreams.

Evangelina Rojo, daughter of Jose Luis and Maria Elena, was born in 1987. She has been an active choir member for four years. Evangelina has spent a year in each of the following: Varsity Choir, Velveteens, Choralteens, and Vocalteens. She has also taken private vocal lessons for three years under the instruction of Mrs. Redlarczyk and Mrs. Reinhart. After graduation, she plans to attend Indiana University - Northwest to study nursing. Her fondest memories consist of just being with the choir family and Mr. Emig's life lessons.Evangelina Rojo

Casey SiebCasey Sieb is the daughter of Scott and Angeline Sieb. For the past four years, she has been a member of the Merrillville High School choir. She performed in Varsity Choir her freshman year, in Velveteens her sophomore and junior years, and in Choralteens as a senior. In the choir program she has participated in Ragtime and Pirates of Penzance. In the fall, she will be attending Purdue University - Calumet, majoring in elementary education and minoring in music. Casey's favorite choir moment was the performance we did with the Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra at the Star Plaza.

Matthew Sopko was born in April 9, 1987 to Mark and Michelle Sopko. He has received his education from South Haven Elementary, Willow Creek Middle School, Pierce, and MHS. He has been in choir for twelve years. In addition, Matthew has also participated in varsity football, track, and the MHS dramatic sociey. He is ecstatic to graudate and pursue his undergraduate degree in music at the University of Indianapolis. His most memorable choir mements include knowing Mrs. Emig and receiving lessofs from her, and also travelling to places such as Branson, Chicago, and all over NW Indiana with the Vocalteens. He wants to extend the most heartfelt thanks and appreciation to his family and friends and all of those people who have made his high school career memorable and grand.Matthew Sopko

Shakiya WileyShakiya Wiley was born to Ms. Shalonda Rodriguez. Shakiya has been in choir all her life, including four years in the Merrillville choir. Her freshman year, she was in Varsity Choir, sophomore and junior years she was in Velveteens, and she spent her senior year in Choralteens. Her most memorable moment was the trip to New York City. She remembers most all of Mr Emig's jokes. Shakiya will be attending University of Southern Indiana, majoring in political science. Shakiya would tell underclassmen to stay with music even if you don't see a future in it. "Music is the best thing to be a part of."

Shana Williams, daughter of Sharon and Rick Williams, has been in choir since the 5th grade. She has been in the Varsity and Concert choirs as well as Velveteens and Choralteens. She will be attending Howard University in Washington D.C. in the fall of 2005. Her favorite choir moment was doing Ragtime in the fall of 2003. She will be majoring in Political Science.Shana Williams

Shaun WoodSon of Chris and Sandy Wood, Shawn Wood is Valedictorian of his class. He has been in choir every year and intends to continue music courses in college. Shawn will be attending the University of Evansville and plans to major in something. Since he is (or claims to be) by far the most attractive graduate, it may very well be modeling.
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