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Have I told you lately that I love you?
Have I told you there's no one else above you?
You fill my heart with gladness -
Take away all my sadness -
Ease my troubles; that's what you do.

— Fall Choir Potluck 2002

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MHS Choir Boosters Meeting Minutes - January 6, 2004

Submitted by TDobes on Monday, January 5, 2004 - 9:52am Choir Boosters News
On Tuesday, January 6th, the Choir Boosters held their fifth monthly meeting in the choir room at 7:00 PM. Minutes from the meeting are now online. Items discussed included: holiday concert wrap-up, the Susan Emig scholarship, contest concert, and spring trip.


The meeting was called to order by Dave Festa, President.

Minutes from the December 2, 2003 meeting were accepted without change.


  • Beginning balance of checking account was $2,391.42. Receipts from the Holiday concert were $1,742.80 (Box Office: $1,842.65; Concession Stand: $200.15). The current balance of the account is $4,134.12.
  • The Susan Emig Scholarship Fund Savings Account balance is $2,251.20.


  • Mr. Emig will really announce top sellers soon from Justin Kolb concert very soon. Final decision on digital camera purchase remains outstanding.
  • The Spring Choir to St. Louis is still tentatively set for April 1st through the 7th. Looking into a performance at Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals. Final cost has not yet been determined. First payment of $150 will be due in January. Second payment of $150 will be due in February and the balance will be due in March.
  • Turkey Creek has confirmed the date for Choir Banquet (6/1/2004). Looking for volunteers for the Banquet Committee.
  • Please pay choreography fees as soon as possible. No improvement from last report with only ~50% paid.
  • Please forward choir (past and present) articles to Tom Dobes for Web Site publishing. E-mail Tom at tom@merrillvillechoir.com.
      Has anyone figured out why we even announce this? No one has ever submitted an article, ever. What makes us think that it'll be any different now... in fact, I'm not even sure why I'm writing this; no one ever reads this. La, la, la!


  • Holiday Concert
    • Outstanding effort from all involved
    • Minor issues with balcony conduct - handled by Supervision Committee
    • Great turnout for Concession items - plenty of soda remaining
  • Due to new Indiana state accounting rules, will need numbered ticket stubs or use of hand stamps for all performances that charge admission. Will finalize plans before next concert.
  • Having problems with temporary sleeves on some costume tops.
  • Vocalteens' elementary school performances were very well received and were again a very enjoyable experience for all.
  • ISSMA regional times will be available approximately a week prior.
  • Holiday Concert videos will be available for $7.
  • Mr. Emig to hire string players from the symphony for the Contest Concert.
  • Also for the Contest Concert, we can anticipate a special appearance from our own Mr. Emig.
  • Currently, four students will meet the initial qualifications for the Susan Emig Scholarship. The Scholarship Committee is currently Dave Festa, Dawn Rees, Deborah Elser, and Debbie Nieman. They will meet prior to the next Booster meeting and report the details of administering the scholarship.
  • Dates to remember:
    • ISSMA District Vocal Solo Contest - 1/31/04 at Wheeler High School
    • Choir Boosters Meeting - 2/3/04 7 p.m.
    • MHS Revue - 2/11,12/04 7 p.m.
    • ISSMA State Vocal and Piano Contest - Indianapolis 2/21/04
    • Choir Boosters Meeting - 3/2/04 7 p.m.
    • Java & Jazz Concert - 3/5/04 7p.m. at Pierce Middle School
    • MHS Choir Contest Concert - 3/16/04 7:30 p.m.
    • Choir Spring Trip - 4/1-4/7 - St. Louis, Missouri
    • Choir Boosters Meeting - 4/13/04 7 p.m.
    • Orchestra Pre-Festival Concert - 4/22/04 7 p.m.
    • Spring Play "Romeo and Juliet" - 5/1,7,8/04 7 p.m. 5/2/04 2 p.m.
    • Choir Boosters Meeting (Election of Officers) - 5/4/03 7 p.m.
    • MHS Band Spring Concert - 5/11/04 7 p.m.
    • Orchestra Concert - 5/13/04 7 p.m.
    • MHS Choir "Spring Concert" - 5/20/04 7:30 p.m.
    • MHS Choir Banquet - 6/1/04 6 p.m. at Turkey Creek Country Club

Next meeting will be held February 3, 2004 at 7 p.m.

Meeting adjourned.

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