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MHS Choir Boosters Minutes - May 6, 2003

Submitted by TDobes on Monday, May 26, 2003 - 12:13pm Choir Boosters News
On Tuesday, May 6th, the Choir Boosters held their last monthly meeting of this school year in the choir room at 7:00 PM. Minutes from the meeting are now online. Items discussed included: upcoming Spring Concert, choir banquet, scholarship fund, web site costs, Justin Kolb concert, summer choir camp, and next year's officers The meeting concluded with a heartfelt thank-you to this year's choir booster officers who have worked tirelessly to make our organization better.

President, Mary Kennedy, called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Meeting minutes from the April 8, 2003 meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer's Report was read. Balance of $3356.61. Profit from water sales is $90.99. There was a $1000.00 and $125.00 donation to the Susan Emig Scholarship Fund. There is $2332.23 in the fund YTD.

Old Business:

Mary thanked all who helped with ISSMA Organization Festival.

Choir Banquet: Invitation forms have been given out. It is also available on the web site. Seniors must still turn a form in if they are going. If not turned in by May 16tth, they will have to pay $25.00 fee to go. Underclassmen will possibly perform. Awards will be given and memories video will be seen. It should be a fun night.

Scholarship Fund: Administration has been slow at getting needed information so that post cards could be sent to Alumni. Karen Ortiz now has this information and post cards will be going out soon. It was recommended that we put a sign up at the ticket booth the night of the concert asking for $1.00 donations towards the fund.

Web Site: Tom is looking into a new host site. He is looking at a site that has more space to make his life easier. The site cost approximately $120.00 this is coming up for renewal. There was a motion to pay the fee for a new web site host.
There was a motion to pay Tom $300.00 for the great job he has done this past year with the web site. This would be a way of compensating him for all of his hard work and saying "thank you."
Be sure to check the site for summer choir news. www.merrillvillechoir.com

The audit committee will get together for the audit after the banquet.

The Justin Kolb concert has been confirmed. The fee will be $1200.00. This concert will be a fundraiser for Choir Boosters. A committee is needed to prepare for the project. Each student will be expected to sell an undetermined amount of tickets at this time. Several ideas were given for planning such as email to all available email addresses. Contact newspapers. Advertise it in the spring concert program; advertise it in the program for the Ross Music Theater summer show, contact Civic organizations through the Chamber of Commerce.

New Business:

The Spring Concert, Rock the Jukebox, is May 22 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $5 for adults, $4 for senior citizens & students, and $20 for a family pass. Help is needed in all areas.
Set construction will be held this Friday and Sunday from 6-9. Also May 16th and 17th 6-9 and May 18th from 1-4. A lot of painting is needed and hanging of lights.
We will once again have finger type deserts for the concert intermission.
Since this is the last concert, each costume will have to be checked in that night.
This is also considered Senior night since this is the last concert the seniors will be performing in.

Choir Camp will be held August 11 thru August 15th, 8:00 am till 12:00 noon. There will be a $50 registration fee. $25 will be due on June 2nd and the balance on August 11th. There will be a Vocal Teacher and Choreographer for this.
It was suggested that there be a committee to plan healthy snacks each day for the students. Mrs. Reinhart and Evangelina Rojo will be in charge of this. Parents of the students participating will be asked to donate snacks.

Election of Officers:

Elections took place for next year's choir booster officers. Mrs. Reinhart counted the ballots. The results of the ballot count is as follows:

  • President - Dave Festa
  • Vice President - Debbie Nieman
  • Secretary - Alex Ternes
  • Treasurer - Elena Rojo

Mr. Emig thanked everyone for all of their help this past year. He gave a special thank you tribute to Mary Kennedy for all of her help and dedication she gave to choir. She did an outstanding job. He recognized her as one of the Best Presidents that he has ever had for boosters. He said she is also known as being the "Post-It note Goddess."

Dates to remember:

  • May 20 & 21 - Mandatory dress rehearsals
  • May 22 - Spring Concert, 7:30 pm
  • May 27 - Choir Banquet, 6:00 pm
  • August 11-15 - summer Choir Camp
  • September 6 - welcome Potluck
  • September 21 - Justin Kolb Concert - fundraiser

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003 at 7:00 PM in the choir room. Meeting Adjourned

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