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I thought we'd get to see forever
But forever's gone away
It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

— Fall Potluck 2002

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Choir Concerts

Each year, the Merrillville High School Choral Department presents four public concerts each year, in addition to performing at many additional events. Our fall concert is typically conprised mostly of show tunes, and is followed by our winter concert, which showcases the choir's vocal skill with choral arrangements of holiday favorites, both contemporary and traditional, in addition to many talented soloists and smaller ensembles, also occasionally including a handbell choir. Later in the year, our contest concert gives the choirs an opportunity to perform classical pieces, in addition to providing a forum to demonstrate the talent of soloists who acieved a Superior rating at the ISSMA Solo & Ensemble Contest. We conclude the year with our spring concert, which features the choirs singing modern pop favorites. Each and every one of the concerts are performed in Reinhart Auditorium, our very own theatre here at MHS, and at most concerts, the music is complemented by live video projection, spectacular sets & backdrops, and breathtaking theatre lighting.

Upcoming concerts...

For information on upcoming concerts this school year, click a link below.

  • Fall Choir Potluck 2005
    September 2005
  • Fall Concert 2005
    October 2005
  • Winter Concert 2005
    December 2005
  • Contest Concert 2006
    March 2006
  • Spring Concert 2006
    May 2006

Past concerts...

We are currently making an attempt to put every concert online (either through pictures, music, or both) from 1999 to the present. This is, however, a time-consuming process, so concerts will be added gradually as they are completed.
Click a link below to see an individual concert's page. They are organized chronologically.

2004-2005 School Year (Class of 2005)

2003-2004 School Year (Class of 2004)

  • Fall Choir Potluck 2003
  • Winter Concert 2003 - I Love Christmas
  • Contest Concert 2004
  • Spring Concert 2004 - Only in America

2002-2003 School Year (Class of 2003)

  • Fall Choir Potluck 2002
  • Winter Concert 2002 - The Best Time of the Year
  • Contest Concert 2003
  • Spring Concert 2003 - Rock the Jukebox

2001-2002 School Year (Class of 2002)

2000-2001 School Year (Class of 2001)

  • Fall Concert 2000
  • Winter Concert 2000 - A Christmas Portrait
  • Contest Concert 2001
  • Spring Concert 2001 - Cinemagic & A Whole Lotta Faintin' Goin' On

1999-2000 School Year (Class of 2000)

  • Fall Concert 1999
  • Winter Concert 1999 - One Magic Christmas
  • Contest Concert 2000
  • Spring Concert 2000 - Encore!

1998-1999 School Year (Class of 1999)

  • Fall Concert 1998
  • Winter Concert 1998 - I Love Christmas
  • Contest Concert 1999
  • Spring Concert 1999 - Song of America
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